Is it possible to play FLV video

Is it possible to play FLV video (you tube) in Ultramixer Pro VJ version 4.02?

well, FLV is not possible but it is not neccessray :wink: You can use UltraMixer to download videos right from Youtube to play them back. Yes, UltraMixer has a direct Youtube integration.

Dear Ultramixer,

How can I download videos right from Youtube to play them back in Ultramixer?

  1. go to file archive.
  2. Open menu.
  3. Search in Youtube
  4. download :slight_smile:

Dear Ultramixer,

I see in the file archive the folder “Youtube”, but can I from there directly download music videos from Youtube or must I first go to my browser at website “Youtube” and download with another software program my music videos from there and after downloading put these music videos in my folder “Youtube” in Ultramixer. It’s seen to be easy but directly at this moment I can’t download “Youtube videos” in Ultramixer. Do I something wrong?
Please explain me what I exactly have to do and thank you very much for your help.

Ok, I see :slight_smile: The menu is on the lowest border of UltraMixer. There you see Archive, Mixer, Master, Inputs,2-Playlists,Waitlist.
Between Archive and Mixer there is an arrow /\ When you click this you will enter the FileArchive menu. The very first entry in this menu is “Youtube search”.

I hope this helps you out :wink:

Dear Sl@jaR,

Thank you very much for your help. Now I can download the video music clips in Ultramixer, but before downloading I can’t see what I want to download in “the preview”. Is that a bug in the program or how can I see the music video clip in preview?
Now two hours later after my reply above, after 2 music downloads from YouTube the “YouTube Downloader” in Ultramixer doesn’t work no longer.
Dear Sl@jaR, is that another issue in the beta version of Ultramixer VJ?
I need your help and thank you again for helping me with these video problems.

You can preview the video by double clicking the particular youtube video in the downloader. Then you will see a separat youtube window. Downloading works quite a bit different.
When you say " YouTube Downloader in Ultramixer doesn’t work no longer" is there an error message?

Dear Sl@jaR,

It’s strange but “preview” doesn’t work, I only see a (little) black screen when double clicking a video in preview.
I use Windows 8 and IE 10 and the latest version of Adobe Flash Player in IE 10.
When downloading doesn’t work no longer I have the error message
that Java ™ Platform SE Binary doesn’t work no more and then I have to close Ultramixer. I hope that you can help me.