Install on linux (or give money to bill gates)

Ive been using Linux for over a year now, and everytime I try to install something from one of these tarball pieces of crap it goes wrong somewhere along the line, then I spend about 3 days on forums trying to get someone to help me out, and then give up thinking “next time I want to install something and there isnt a .deb or a repository for it, then i’ll have to live without it.”
Well, surprise surfuckingsurprise, once again I have copied and pasted that stuff in the “howto” thing on this forum, and naturally it doesnt do jack!
Why doesnt linux have a basic way of installing anything, I would say thats linux’s biggest downfall
Why is it that I can go to the software centre and find a rubbish program called"Mixxx", but |I cant find ultramixer?
Basically, unless someone can give me a step by step howto for installing ultramixer, then Im going to go out and give Bill Gates some money.

Sorry for the rant, but I’m so so so sick of this installing stuff from source lark, and Im a bit pissed!


What “linux” are you using??? I’m assuming Ubuntu as you mentioned the “software center.”

Most important thing…sun java jre. I know that is in Ubuntu’s repository as I’ve successfully installed it and Ultramixer.

See this page on how to set your system to use what you’ve just installed. “Choosing the default”

Then install UltraMixer. If clicking the icon doesn’t do it for you, then the command line coding is right on the download page on this site. java -jar…

That’s really all there is to this one.