i haven't key

Hi everybody,
I’ve downloaded the last beta, and clicked on the “get key” button, but i haven’t receive the key. I haven’t do that 5 minutes ago but there are 5 days i wait to get this key ! What is the pb ?

Maybe our mail is marked as spam/junk from your mail client or your mail provider.

no, i don’t think that, because i’ve receive the mail where there was the link to download the last beta

No, I mean the E-mail which includes the key as attachement

ok, but, what can i doing ? you can’t send me the key ? i think the key is calculated with my username, so, if i write to you a mail with my email, my username, you can’t send me the key ? I don’t think the pb is because there is an atachement file because i’ve never been this pb with other people !!!

Did you receive this mail? Could you see the key attachment? I can’t not generate a key manually! You have to create it on the website (download section).


no, it was the pb, i haven’t receive the mail ! it will an other pb if i can’t download the atachment file ! like i have told to you, i’ve cliked many times on the “get key” button on the download section, but the mail isn’t arrived, and i’ve do that 3 days ago, and i make party tomorow with ultramixer, please help me !!!

So please write me an email, i’ll try to help you…

I also have this problem. I registered but never recieved the email.


since UltraMixer 2.0.8 you shouldn’t have a problem like this, since there is an automatically generated license file in the download package. Are you sure you are using 2.0.8?