i dont get the activation

i really cant understand how to activate everything
how do i get the activation key?
i do the browse for it after i save it and it doesnt work

i really need help
easy detailed help

i have the tiger version on mac
version 10.4.11

i beleave the ultra mixer version is 2.3.4 :confused:

Hi shessogirly,

I am not sure what’s not working over there. It’s really easy you just need the uky file AND the oder number that starts with “UMF” for free users (never forget that).
A really detailed description is available here: blog.ultramixer.com/en/?p=4


ok i will try it
it keeps saying the the key is invalid

still not working i do the browse to ad the key
and put the umf code in the top text feild and it says its invali :confused: d

Dear shessogirly,

hhm sounds weird. Is it possible that you generated a key for a wrong operating system? The keys are only valid for one OS:

ultramixer.com/index.php?c=Y … JlZXJlZw==

If you are sure that you selected MacoSX or if you generated the key directly from the software, please send your key and order number to support (a-T) ultramixer.com ?