I can't intall java in my mac 10.5.6 leopard

I bought the Ultra Mixer Pro Software 2 weeks ago, I’ve been trying to install it since. I tryied wjth all the Javas available. What can I do? Nothing works and the money was already discounted from my credit card. Will it work for my computer ???.. Thanks Cristhian

Dear Christhian,

well actually, we have 10.5.6 running over here as well with the latest apple-java environment.
What is your actual problem? Did you install the package?

1 . Just download the Mac version here:
ultramixer.com/index.php?c=Z … y&dlid=155
2. unzip the File.
3. Start the installation routine by double clicking the icon
4. Run UltraMixer from the installed directory (mostly Applications/UltraMixer/UltraMixer.app)

best regards