I can not add a song

I can not add a song to the UltraMixer professional V 2.2.1
from Hard disk (D) he this masseg

Could not load the file D:
but i know he show this masseg
when add song on it
after then delete it
But hard disk (E) or © i can play any song

I hope I have clarified the required
Awaiting your reply

Dear van_rush20,

please update to the latest version of UltraMixer. With this version everything works fine.

for all dj the proplem its not in java or pc proplem ultramixer
my ultramixer v2.2.1 same proplem but i kill them after
download from torrent portbel after extract in (D) its same proplem
cut it and past on desktop and try add asong i i can belv what happend its play song oh my god

last thing cut all file where you installd and past adeffrin place
i hope work with you :laughing: