Highlited songs in the FileArchive

Hello to this forum!
I’m new, and i have question about the FileArchive window:
some songs are highlited in gold yellow, and other songs are not.
What does it mean?

thank you


All the [color=#AA580A:c4a69]golden[/color:c4a69] songs are loaded into the WaitList or one of the two PlayLists.

The two [b:c4a69]bold[/b:c4a69] songs are loaded into the players.

thank you for the quick answer!
My english is not very good, so to be clear, golden songs or bold songs result from the “spread” mode?
How does it help and for what does it help when i mix?
Sorry for these “newbie” questions… :laughing:


I am not sure what you mean by “spread” mode.

the “bold” songs are the two loaded songs in the Players and the “golden songs” are already cued in the Waitlist or Playlist for play back. This helps you finding new songs and not playing the same songs over and over again.