High Res Monitor and Ultramixer 6.0.2

Just upgraded from version 5 Basic to version 6.0.2 pro.
Loaded on laptop with high resolution screen (15" - 3840 x 2160).
Version 5 presented easy to read layout on this screen (still loaded for “safety’s sake”).
Version 6 presents the layout using a very small font. I would guess instead of a 12 point, it is around 4.
I’ve been through all settings, nothing there works.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to get the fonts to a size that is readable on this Dell XPS 15?


P.S., I have put in a request for help, but it is Friday so that may not be coming for a while.

It has been over a week. Anyone have any ideas? :frowning:

This article is very good. I like to read a lot.

i know in UM 5 , on the right side down , you go look for “preferences” and in that menu again “preferences”
Than there is a popup menu , go to the “appearance” button . In the second row down you go to the first button that says "Tables "… There should be the first line saying : Fonds & size… klik on the box and try to go to a bigger fonts …

Thats how it works for UM 5 , i hope for UM 6 would be the same …