Hi all, new to the software, How to I MIDI map using TouchOS

IS it possible to midi map_, no onlt indicating wich controller is connected, I mean, mapping one buttong at a time , so I can use the layout in my tablet to control the software.

to use midi mapping please use UltraMixer 4.1

But where is it? I downloded the trial, Ultramixer Pro 4, and select pro mode. I dont see the midi map feuture.


you’ll have to go to ultramixer.com/download.html and scroll down to Additional Downloads. There you’ll find 4.1beta6 :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping!

I got versión 4.0.1, where is the midi map option?

in 4.0.1 it is not available, but it is in 4.1.0 :slight_smile:

Go to preferences/Midi/Other MIDI devices. A detailed description will be availble soon. It’s currently under betatesting in german, after finishing we will translate it to english as well.

Waiting!. Really want to try this softw, looks very good.

Our first version of the detailed description for the MidiMap editor is ready!
Just send us an e-mail to: ultramixer.com/contact.html and we will send you the english version of the documentation. :slight_smile: