Hercules DJ Console

I’ve read everywhere that you have support for the Hercules DJ Control MP3, and I can actually see it in the preferences - Midi devices. Just can’t use it, the “Lern Keys” (which is supposed to be Learn Keys, I’m sure :slight_smile:) does not actually take any input from my Hercules DJ Control MP3.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Please try the following:

  1. Open UltraMixer’s preferences (Menu => Preferences)
  3. Choose your MIDI DEVICE (e.g. Hercules DJ Console MIDI)
  4. select “Hercules DJ Console” in the MIDI CONTROLLER section (not universal)
    (5. maybe you have to restart UltraMixer, but in general it should function without restarting UM)

To use your Hercules Console as MIDI controller you have to select “DJ Console-Buttons” in your hercules preferences (Mixer) as midi input…