[HELPME] Installation problem

Hi all, I’m new here and…
I downloaded the free 2.4.3 version of Ultramixer for Ubuntu (10.04), I read a guide about the installation and I did it. But after i click “Done”, and I go to “Applications” I can’t find it!
Please help me, I really want to try Ultramixer!
(Sorry if my english isn’t good, I’m italian)

UP please ):

Can somebody help me?

I think I’m talking to myself! Plleaase ):

Please send an inquiry to our support team: ultramixer.com/contact.html

I did it, but it’s passed a week and they don’t reply! Is it normal?

I just questioned the collegue and your question has been answered immediately. He just sent the email again.


Thank you…
But I didn’t resolved my problem with their tips… uff

Did you tell them? the support guys are eager to help, but you will need to provide all information.

I had a similar issue. Here is how I got around it.

Go to Places. Click on Home Folder. From the menu on the left Click on ‘File System.’ Click on the ‘usr’ folder. Click on the ‘local’ folder. There you should find the folder for UltraMixer. Open that folder and click on the icon for UltraMixer.sh. Then click 'run in terminal. The program should run. (this is all assuming that you didn’t tell it to install in some place other than the default)

Then what I did was ‘drag’ the UltraMixer folder itself to the left hand menu to make an easy link to it whenever I need to use it.

I also had issues with configuring java to get the display right, but that’s another issue. I got it to work and love it. Currently running without issues in Ubuntu 10.10.

!!!Very much waiting for version 3 for linux!!!

Hope this helps if you haven’t been helped already.