help needed errors

Hallo all !
maybe here can somebody help us out,
i contacted the help mail adres , got a fast answer but then after i mailed my log files it all went still
1 month ago we bought a brand new computer in the online shop from Dell , installing your demo works all runs but them if you want to play it gets an error exception_int_divide_by_zero
we tried other versions from the ultramixer new once older once but it worked for one week then the error came back, computer is fully updated brand new and has no other problems
can you help please , it has to work before we can buy it
this is the inside from the computerIntel Pentium J4205 processor
Windows 10 Home 64bit Engels
8 GB, DDR3L, 1.600 MHz
1 TB (64 MB cache) 7.200 rpm SATA 6 Gb/s

tried other programs as well but ultramixer is easy to use, we still work with winamp ( it for use in our local pub ) but winamp it’s getting to old,
tried everything always the same error , the pc only has windows 10 on it google chrome , edge and some programs from windows 10 , also virus program we have on the pc, if you want to play music with other program works direct , so i guesse no error in driver from the music card

hope somebody can help me out our point me into a direction of a solution
sorry my English is not to well

kind regards

forgot on our old laptop who runs with windos 7 those demos work perfectly, tried to install windows 7 on the new computer but that doesn’t work