FR for 2.0.2+


Need to give you a big applause on the current beta. Very good piece of SW.

I got some ideas, I’d like to get your opinion on - or get it implemented

I know, that some of them are part of othermercial software, but they are indeed very usefull on the stage

  1. Playlists

Possibility to record a session as a playlist (for reuse within ultramixer)

including fadings, sound control settings,…

  1. BPM analysis

… as soon as the file gets loaded into the filelist

Currently only done when started playing

  1. Effects/Samples

A few buttons with definable samples (buttons with assigned music files (e.g. Sirens, “Pump it up”, self recorded things)

Pushing these buttons lowers current player volume, plays the sample and puts volume of player back to original_________________Live’s a DJ!

Hi SniperWolf-70,

Thank you for the good feadback. Actually, all these features are on our long term todo-list as well. I am sure UltraMixer will grow over the years!
If you tested the 2.0.2 beta then you should definitefly test the or the soon released 2.0.11 version. Both aren’t beta anymore.

PS.: We are DJ’s too! So, we know what we need in the future to make Live DJing even more fun :wink:

kind regards