forward/reverse search not always work

similar situation to the play issue mentioned before. some time forward/reverse buttons don’t work.

after some tricking between play and cue FF/RV began to work.

aureal vortex
hda (i910)
ubuntu 7.04
java6 (also tested on java5)

Please specify the behaviour of the buttons. Framesearch-forward/backend is used to go step-by-step through the song to find the right cue point (e.g. basedrum)

most of the time, step by step doesn’t sound. i test with play/pause, play/cue, just play, just cue but not always work some times does some time doesn’t.

tested on windows and is the same thing. it works better with the mouse, cuz shortcuts almost all the time doesn’t work.

even more. some times when i finally mark a cue, play doesn’t start. it turn on green led, but nothing happens.