Find way to Use Spread Playlists to spread sequentially

I’m trying to use ultramixer to run a pre-prepped show. However, if I have 4 songs in a list, and want to insert 1 at the start, I would have to move all 4 songs from the left to right and back to keep the play right.

Playlists for left and right don’t help, because they’d have the same problem.

What would work best for me is to have a option under “Spread on Playlists” to be able to “Spread sequentially” ie 1st on left, 2nd on right, 3rd on left etc.

Then if I add 1 song anywhere in the list, I just clear the lists an re-spread.

Hi Alphageek,

What do you want to do? I don’t understand it.


Oops… Never mind - Spread equally already does what I want. The first time I tried it, I thought it messed up the order. It seems to work the way I desired.

Thanks for the fast reply.

No sweat :slight_smile: