Failed Auto-DJ


I’m using the final version of UltraMixer 4.1.0 in a laptop with Windows 7.
i’ve the Auto-DJ function activated and a 1 second “pause before next track”, (because i’m a Tango DJ). during my sessions it happened a couple of times that continuous playing stops at the end of a track without any reason. the only way to continue is pressing “Next” button in “Fading” widget.
this happens randomly, i checked the same track in the same computer or in a desktop with Windows 7 and UltraMixer installed and the problem doesn’t appear.

could you check Auto-DJ code?



Did you activate the SYNC mode too?

Yes, it was activated. before last two sessions i cleaned it and now things seems to be working.



It was a bug in 4.1.0 please update to 4.1.1

is version 4.1.1 out of RC stage?



… i downloaded and installed version 4.1.1 from your site, but in about box it says version 4.1.0 :open_mouth:

… i don’t want work on stage with RC versions …


Yes, it shows the wrong version, but it is 4.1.1. We’ll fix it soon.

ok, thanks … i’ll wait for the fix …
also because the size of final (?) version 4.1.1 installer is exactly the same of version 4.1.1 RC 2 (128.518.086 bytes …) :wink:


Hey Maurillio,

yes you are right. Actually, the last RC2 is always the same as the release version.



Automix bug is still (occasionally) present in Ultramixer 5.0.3 RC9 without asynchronous fading activated.

sometimes current playing track in waitlist stops 5 seconds before the end and Automix doesn’t go on.


how long is your fading time?

Fading time is set to 0 (zero) and i have a “Pause before next Track” equal to 1 (one) second.

Well, I expected that :slight_smile: Fading time 0 has several worst case szenarios. Are you sure you want to have 0 fading?
A better way might be a higher fading time but an adapted fading curve.

Could you give me an example?

what i need is to have one second of pause between tracks because i’m a tango dj,
tracks must full play without fading.

how i have to set up fading time/curve to obtain this?



well, that is a extra feature. Pause between Titles :slight_smile:

Here is a Video that shows this feature:

of course i saw the video when you published it …

but as i told before, i need that titles play from start to end.

if i set a fading time (e.g.) of 5 seconds and a pause between track of 1 second,
ultramixer starts to fade current track 5 seconds before the end. then insert a 1 second
of pause, finally start next title in automix playlist from beginning.

instead i need that currently playing title play till end at full volume.

Yes, you can adjust the Fading curve to somewhat like a U-curve. Start at a K curve an change it to U. Then you have always 100% volume. Use a pause of 2 seconds and set the fading time to 1 second. Then you have exactly the same behaviour but with 1 second fading time.

Sorry … but what you mean for U-curve and for K-curve?



This is a T-Curve:

and this is a U-Curve