Fading/silence between songs

Help any body?

How do I get UM in Auto Dj mode to play the song in player 1. totally to the end. wait 5 sec. and then shift to player 2 and play that song to the end vice versa

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It’s not possible at the moment. You have to use our silence tracks (ultramixer.com/index.php?cn= … d&sn=stuff) until we have implemented this feature in UltraMixer.

Hey Tobi

Do you have a time frame for this?
I am using UM to Djing at Tango events and a trying to convince my colleagues that UM is so must better then Traktor
But it is a bit difficult because of Tango events you play a song to the end, break for 1-3 sec. and then start a new song


It’s on our todo list for the next three month…

Please, please do it! me too i much need this feature.


We will do it!

Hi Tobi,

any news about that?

thank you.


Hey Guys

Any news?


Any news??


It’s planned for UM 4.1

Is there any time plan for that?


is still planned for UM 4.1?

nothing about that in changelog until beta 12.




as a customer i find really really frustrating that you do not answer to information requests about development plans and that you do not update the changelog of the beta versions of UltraMixer that are periodically released.

Mauro Volpato


change log is up to date now.

Any thing new in this matter??

This post is by far the most viewed post the last year and still UM support does not find is necessary to comment it. I find it a bit arrogant!

Hi Jacob. Sorry for the delay. We will implement the feature after UltraMixer 4.1 is released.

After 4.1 is released? … incredible!

on december 2013 you answered …

“It’s planned for UM 4.1”


Hey Maurillo,

sorry for that. I couldn’t leave it like that, so it has been integrated in UltraMixer 4.1 and you can test it in Ultramixer 4.1 RC8: