fader and mixer

it would be nice to be able to adjust the speed easier for cross fading, and using a dual monitor can you bring up the eq on a second monitor

  1. what do you mean with “speed of crossfading”? The upcoming UltraMixer 2.0.9 (Release Version) includes a slider above the fading curves for changeing the fading duration of automatic crossfading (auto dj).

  2. What do you mean with “dual monitor”? There are two monitor channels, one for each player.

dual monitor screens will be 2 17" lcd monitors

Hi hooverw,

Oh yeah, now I understand. You mean a monitor (=screen), i supposed you speak of the sound monitor :wink:

Ok, what you want is to “undock” the master eq like you can do with the filearchive.

We’ll think about this.

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