Fade Image not correct until 1440x900 skin re-applied

I just downloaded 2.4.4 on my PPC G5. I run the 1440x900 skin. My screen size is 1680x1050 (22 inch monitor). The large fade image loads as the image for a 4x3 skin. I have to re-apply the skin to get the fade image correct for this 16x9 skin. This has been happening for several versions, since the bug was fixed so that UM loads with the chosen 1440x900 skin.

I emailed a screen capture movie to tech support from an earlier version and this bug has still not been fixed.


I’m sorry, but what do you mean with “fade image”?

The large image with red and green lines that show the fade rate in the middle of the player. I think there is a problem with the 1440x900 skin. I just tried the 1280x1024 skin and it loaded the first time I tried. Loading the 1440x900 skin causes multiple crashes. UM just doesn’t run well on my Mac PPC G5.