export to csv problem

I went to export last mights played songs from UM3 ( 3.0.1) , only to find about 1/3 of the songs were missing . also the timings were well out , there were 5 songs at 10:25:07 :confused: , some songs were duplicated , even though they were only played once , any help guys.


Dear daryll,

the collegue will check this tommorow.


Please note that songs missing on the hard disc (for example if you removed the file or the mobile hard disc) may be removed from the FileArchive and also removed from the played songs. Maybe this was the case in your test?

The date and time column is currently exported in German date format and does not contain seconds (e.g. “31.12.2010 12:59”). We updated the CSV export for the coming version 3.0.2 to export ISO dates (e.g. “2010-12-31 12:59:59”) and catch more special cases.

Hi guys.
thanks for the fast response.

The files are on the laptop internal drive , nothing ever gets deleted, or moved

example from Saturday night.
Katy Perry Teenage Dream 03:47 02/05/2011 22:19
Bryan Adams Summer of '69 03:36 02/05/2011 22:31

Now according to that the Katy perry song lasts 12 minutes , which is does not , all songs are mixed at 3-5 seconds before the end.

From the same play list.
Wideboys and Dennis G Sambuca 2008 (Wideboys Old School Organ Club Mix Edit) 02:42 02/05/2011 23:34
Haddaway What Is Love? 04:27 02/05/2011 23:44.

again there seems to be a ten minute gap between songs .

And the worst one.

Rihanna Rude Boy 03:43 02/05/2011 23:52
Katy Perry Firework 03:47 02/06/2011 00:09

Thats 17 minutes :open_mouth: , and I remember playing Smokie-livin next door to alice , Ferrer - La Bamba , and Los Lobos - Macarena inbetween Rihanna and Katy Perry , no sign of those , they were on the hard drive when I started , and are still in the same place now.



So your problem is not with the export. It seems some songs are not added to the history at all. We will look at this.

Please note that a song is added to the history only if at least 10 percent of the total length is played. (It does not matter which 10 percent.)