Erratic behaviour when using "Spread equally" on playlists

If I use the feature of right-clicking a group in FileArchive and select the “Spread on Playlists”“Spread Equally” menu option, I don’t get what I ask for.
Instead of having the tunes distributed in descending order (having odd numbers on left playlist and even numbers on the right) they come in random mode. I. e. it is the same as selecting “Spread on Playlists”“Spread Randomly” option.
If I am not mistaken, this strange behaviour have been around since some minor versions, so I have observed it in earlier versions too, expecting it to be corrected.
Please confirm if this is a well known bug or if there is some measure that I can provide to fix it.

Dear Goran,

well I inspected your issue now and I have to say, that this is not a bug in this way.
If you want to understand the problem, please sort the table at the archiveside by the numbercolumn. These sortorder you’re watching the tracks now is the intern sortorder of the filearchive. So if you rightclick on your group and select “Spread Equally” UM will do the spread on these intern sortorder.
But how to solve your issue at the moment? - It’s still a simple thing (if you only want a directory to spread, which is a deepest one, so that there’s no more directory inside these group - if there are more inner groups you may have to do followings steps for every inner group to get the special order of your tracks): click on your group at the left archivetreeside, so that the included tracks of this directory are listed at the right archiveside. Now sort them in your favourite sortorder, by clicking the head of the column for your sortorder. Now select all tracks (ctrl+a) and rightclick one of these selected tracks and choose “Spread Equally” - that is it.

I’ll give your reportet issue to the team.


Hi again
OK thanks, I can live with that solution for now.

I would prefer though [i:4ce8c]not to be forced to select [/i:4ce8c]the whole album first, since it would seem logical to assume that the current sort order on the lowest level is the order that should be distributed evenly, wouldn’t it. All measures that make life a bit simpler are welcome.

We’re working it out, so it seemed to be fixed in the coming up version.