Hello guys!

I have a question (of course I have!). :wink:

Many years ago I had a Ultramixer DJing Software. In that Software had been Equilizer Presets included. Each time I’ve changed
the preset on the eq the eq-faders were in a different position.
Now I bought the Ultramixer 5.2.1. (black friday-) version and there’s no presets included.

Is that right???

There a drop-down-menue in which I can chose Dj, Party, Lounge etc. but the eq-faders (when switched on) still remain at the zero

Am I doing something wrong?

I’d be glad to have a useful response.

Thank you in advance!


the presets do not affect the equalizer. If you choose a setting here, the compressor and the normalizer will be set. The pre sets are for the AGC function.


Thank you very much for that explanation. I can handle it now.

Wish you and your familiy a merry christmas and a happy 2018 !