Drop&Drag not working

I just downloaded 2.0.3. I’m trying to drop and drag files onto the title window, as I did in 2.0.2. 2.0.3 wont allow drop and drag to load files. Any suggestions?

Note2- Files cant be moved up in playlist-- have to manually move them up 5 positions at a time

I agree that is a pain in the but trying to relaocate a track in the playlist. It’s fine if your moving within the few tracks in the window but I was moving tracks 20+ positions several times tonight and it was a pain.


  1. Drag’n’Drop files onto the display for loading it is corrupt in 2.0.3. But it’s already fixed and available in 2.0.4. Look at the change log (ultramixer.com/index.php?c=ZG93bmxvYWQ=)

  2. What I can do is to speed up the scrolling. Would this help you? In of the next beta release we will support copy & paste (CTRL+C/X/V), so you can cut a file on bottom and paste it on top of playlist (without pain :slight_smile:)

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