Does ultramixer work with Hercules mixer and windows 7?

Hello! I am looking for a new DJ software…I purchased a new laptop for my DJ business with windows 7, my Hercules RMX came with Virual DJ, but VDJ does not work with Windows 7 correctly. I’ve been having ALOT of problems, that I just can’t deal with anymore. My DJ;ing is my livelihood and it’s very frustrating to pay soo much money for equipment that doesn’t work correctly. I like VDJ, but it just isn’t working for me. Does Ultramixer work well with Hercules Mixer and Windows 7? No skipping, freezing…all the help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: 8)

Hi faifer,

well UltraMixer has been fully tested on Windows 7.
Nevertheless you should try it first. There is an unlimited Demo of the Professional Edition (stops after one hour, then again and again).