Denon DN-HD2500

Is the Denon DN-HD2500 also supported? It has midi.

Dear jyntema,

unfortunately, it’s not yet supported. You are actually the second who asked for this controller. Anyone else?


I have heard that midi protocol of the hd 2500 is almost identical to the hc4500. Is it possible the the basic functions like play and cue work at this moment?

Hi jyntema,

If you have a DN2500 you can try it. Just use the Manual Selection in the Midi Preferences and select the HC4500 Midi scheme.
Please let me know if it works !


I also have the HD-2500, does it now already work ?

Since a few days I’ve been trying to gather as much information about Ultramixer as I can. At this moment I’m using BPM Studio Professional, but I’m get tired of waiting for new Updates or V5 to be released. Therefor I’m thinking about switching to Ultramixer, as the Demo version impressed me.

Besides BPM Studio I use the Denon DN-HD2500. So I was wondering if there’s anyone who can tell me if this controller ( with latest update ) can work together with Ultramixer.

Audiosuite has developed a driver for BPM Studio which works fully with the Denon DN-HC4500, but also can be used ( most basic functions ) with HD-2500. As Ultramixer can work with HC4500, perhaps it will work with DN2500 aswell.

If it’s not compatible, will this be in upgrades.