Denon 6000 and pioneer DDJ-SX

Hi Tobi, Mathias,
I bought this week the Pioneer DDJ-SX. I want to use both controllers. If i have a party with microphones i take de Denon 6000, if no micro, i wil take de DDJ-SX.
Can i install the software(drivers) van de Denon 6000 and the DDJ-Sx on the same laptop(windows 8.1) with Ultramixer?
Can i install ultramixer 4.1.0 RC28 as a stable version?, so i can use coming weekend one of the two.
I use now ultramixer 4.0.4


You can install both drivers.

And yes, you can use UM 4.1 RC but at your own risk :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response.
I play party’s now for 2 weekends with UM 4.1 RC29 and pioneer DDJ-SX, and so far now problem.
in the beginning (by testing) I lost 2x connection with Usb. The sound had occasionally crackles( glitches). I change the latency in UM at 24ms, Asio driver DDJ-SX on standard (buffer 3) result, the crackles almost disappeared. I have a new laptop windows 8.1 (2 weeks old ,and no other programs running) Spec: Intel Core i7 4710HQ, Quad core Processor, 8 GB ram, and thought that can be the standard latency. It seems for my that MA4 files(itunes) give more interruptions.
What is your advice for the best latency and buffer settings in UM, and in the Asio driver DDJ-SX for good continue working? Ultramixer is great for me to work :slight_smile: .Sorry for my English.


First of all, please update to RC31…

We can’t suggest you the perfect laytency setting because it depends on your overall have to try several ASIO buffer and UM latency settings by yourself…


Hi BasamOme,

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