Damaged database

Last saterday I had a wedding to play.
After 2 hours playing music, suddenly appears a message, “the database is damaged, do you want to debug?”. Debug?? In the middle of the party? I don’t think so, so I clicked “no”.
The hole Ultramixer UM3-PRO was gone!!! No music anymore!!
This is really not acceptable!!! It’s the second time I have this (last time was about 1 year ago).

It was not possible to load the filearchive again (message: database damaged). I had to import the hole database again (takes about 15 minutes).

How is this possible??
I was already 2 hours playing music, I changed nothing on the database. I never want that message again. What I have to do?

I’ve contact the support.


  1. maybe some of your music tracks are broken? Please check your music library with our built-in “MusicChecker” tool. You’ll find it in UltraMixers preferences => Additional => Misc => “Start MusicChecker”

  2. There is no need to reimport your whole music library. UltraMixer has an auto backup tool. So you can import your backup every time you want

  3. If you can’t start UltraMixer please reboot your computer and start UltraMixer again.

Best regards,

Preferences ok. But I can’t see Additional or Extra or something. Is this in UM3?

Do you have the latest version of UM3 or 4?

I have 3.2.0

It’s ok, I’ve found the Music checker.