custom fading effect both side

we custom fading and would like it effect both direction player 1 -> player 2 and player 2 -> player 1.

play 1 to player 2 is red to green
player 2 to player 1 is green to red

but we would like
player 1 to player 2 red to green
player 2 to player 1 also red to green

picture detail.

best regard


This is been requested a numerous times :slight_smile: With the latest UltraMixer 4 beta you will find an option in the preferences under Mixing/Auto-DJ/. The option is called “use asynchrous fading”. When enabling this checkbox you will have the behaviour you wish.

This is also described at point 5:

thank you.

one more thing how to let player 2 start after player 1 is ended with crossfade enable.?

refer picture,
player 1 is fading down and player 2 is stared around couple second before can here it not start from the beginning of track.

what we want is player 1 fading down with a second of control and after ended player 2 start from the beginning of track with 90 degree.


Isn’t it the functionality of the Next Button? Maybe I miss something?