Continuous playback per player


It’s a great program, but what I really miss for my job is an automatic playback mode for each player.

-Select a playlist for player A, playing automatically song 1-2-3-…
-Have a separate playlist with special songs for manual intervention.

Of course, when the playlist is played, the player should start from the top again.

I hope you can give answer to this request.

Regards, Robin

Hello Robin,

we are currently planing the next UltraMixer major release so all feature requests are welcome :slight_smile:
Actually, your second feature is called “waitlist” and it is already on our todo list. Your first inquiry is not clear to me. Could you please describe this in detail?

Thank you


The thing I mean is to play songs automatically with one player only. In that case the other player can be loaded with a special song for a special occassion during a show.
(This is not DJ use, but more or less for PA purposes). We use BPM now, but we are not satisfied anymore. And BPM can do this.

Yes, we know this feature and it’s on our to-do-list too.