Clicking on startup in Windows too

Hi! :slight_smile:

I’m an audio engeneer at a local radiostation. I’ve tested the demoversion of UltraMixer (V. 2.0.13) and like it very much except for the clicking noise that appear each time I click play. I seems to me that the “clicking” is actually a couple of frames from the mp3-file. I’ve tried tweaking all the buffer setting in the Preferences>Audio-tab with no success.

I’ve uploaded an example file here: … ayback.mp3
(in this sample I start three mp3 files, and get the click sound each time.)

I’m using a brand new PC, Core2Duo 2,13Ghz, 2GB Ram, -but I’m still using the mainboad’s “SoundMax Integrated HD Audio” while waiting for a higher grade PCI-card to be installed.
I’ve also tested the UltraMixer demo on my Compaq laptop, and the clicking was present there too.

Apart from that, I just love UltraPlayer. I think UltraPlayer is the best DJ-player app I’ve tested so far. We would buy several copies it it wasn’t for this bug. I hope you can help us solve it.

Hi rf_air,

Many thanks for your report and the audio example. We have detected a possible bug in the mp3 decoding library. currently we are trying to fix this issue. Our audio developer will contact you within the next days - maybe you can try a new version of our audio engine…


Hello rf_onair,

could you please do us favour. Could you just try another file format. Just convert one of your Mp3 to OGG or something like that. If it’s not present we should have found this issue.

with kind regards

Yes OGG worked without any flaws :slight_smile:
…so I guess it’s the MP3 decoder’s fault then.

Hi rf_onair,

this is good news :slight_smile:
As you can see here we have already fixed this issue for the upcomming 2.1 release.


Great! :slight_smile: Looking forward to test the new version!
Thanks a lot!!

Hi rf_onair,

sure we are even curious what you gus think about the new version. We are heavily developing and it looks pretty good. From my point of view it will be the best UltraMixer ever :wink:

with kind regards