Changing laptop

Hi, I am replacing the laptop I use. I have exported the file archive and copied all my music onto the new machine (identical to the old one).

UM installed and working and file archive imported and showing the correct groups.

However, no songs are visible.

How do I get the songs into the correct groups in the File Archive?

UM 3 basic, old machine Win Vista, new machine Win 8.



you’ll need to export the ufa file from the old PC and import the ufa file in the new PC.

That is exactly what I have done.

I get my groups as on the old PC but none of the songs.

How do I get the songs into the groups they were in before?


hey rich,

this is how it supposed to work. I am quite lost here. Please contact our support:


Okay, it works now.

Unless the music on the new PC is in exactly the same place as the old one, you need to change the file path from the Import screen.

I moved from a User account folder to a public folder so for me it was
Old file path C:\Users(User account name)\Music

New file path C:\Users\Public\Music

And once I spotted that I’d put a typo in there and corrected it - BANG, success!


sounds great! I am glad you solved it that fast :slight_smile:

Now if only I could do the same thing with a playlist - i.e. create it on one machine, put it on a memory stick and load it into another machine and change the file path - that would be useful!

Also, one suggestion, but could clicking the “Remove all files from waitlist” button cause a dialog to appear along the lines of “Are you really sure you want to remove all the songs from the Waitlist?”

I have done this before now by accident when I just wanted to remove one track!!!



Hey Rich,

you did this with playlists if they are in your file archive. If you do this with m3u files then it unfortunately will not work :frowning:
So, how about managiing playlists directly in UltraMixer? Not exported to a third party file format?



I don’t understand how I am meant to do this. I can only see m3u or csv as an option to save a Waitlist.

How should I do it?



you only have to create a playlist (a group) in the FileArchive tree on the left. Then drag’n’drop your files from the waitlist directly in the created playlist/group. Thats all :slight_smile: