Changed data in ID3 tag isn't saved

Hey guys
I need some help

When I change data I the ID3 tag on a song in UM it does not save the changes information 1 out of 3 times. The “save Meta information to file (ID3 tag) Is active

What do I do wrong?

Tracks which are loaded in a player were saved when quitting UltraMixer…

Sorry Tobi but that is not what I get.
If I change data i ID3 tag and close UM 1 out of 3 times the data is nor changed when I open the ID3 tag in Mp3tag, windows options or Traktor.


The same for me.

I want to store my collection on my server for back-up. and make a duplicate folder on a external 3.0 harddrive.
But 40% of the tags are gone when i reload them from te duplicate folder!

@Jacob: Is the edited track loaded in player? Could you please try it with tracks which are not loaded in any player?

Hey Tobi

No, there are no tracks loaded in player