Can't download license key

Every time I enter my details to get the license for the free edition, a message appears mentioning technical difficluties and that I will need to try later.

It it just a problem wiyth my version or can a get a free key elsewhere?

Hello Oliver,

there is no such thing like downloading the FreeEdition Key. You mus apply for it and it will be sent via email. I am quite sure the service is running properly. I assume you internet connection prevents direct access (e.g. Proxy or so). In that case we are providing the FreeEdition application form wabbased:

In case it still doesn’t work, please come back to us.

best regards

ok, the thread is realy old, but…
i have the same problem (i’m behind a proxy). I have filled the form out yesturday and received nothing per email. Could you help me?

Dear cubensis,

did you check your SPAM folder?
If you already deleted your SPAM folder, just fill in the form again, in case you are using the same EMail-adress, you’re receiving the same key.

best regards