Cannot use Roland UA-30 for output

I’m trying to use a Roland UA-30 as an output device for Ultramixer on my MacBook Pro running MacOS 10.5.8. The Mac recognises it OK, and will use it if I sent the system output to do so. However, Ultramixer doesn’t.

Part of the problem, I think, is that the devices is identified as “UA-30 (44100Hz, Analog REC)” or “UA-30 (44100Hz, Digital REC)” depending on how its input selector is set. The comma in the name seems to mess up Ultramixer - it shows 6 devices in its output selector, e.g.:

3[UA-30 (44100Hz
Analog REC)]front-CoreAudio
4[UA-30 (44100Hz
Analog REC)]rear-CoreAudio
5[UA-30 (44100Hz
Analog REC)]all-CoreAudio

It appears that the comma fools Ultramixer, or at least the parser that generates the output pulldown.

Even if I select one of these, nothing comes out of the UA-30 except system sounds. This might be because Ultramixer is trying to talk to a device called “UA-30 (44100Hz” or " Analog REC)", which of course does not exist. Instead, all the Ultramixer output comes out of the Mac speakers.

is it possible to change the name of your sound card to something without commas? Furthermore, we’ll investigate this issue.

Unfortunately, not easily - the name is assigned by the driver, which I think is the standard MacOS USB driver for sound devices. The name seems to be dynamically created based on the settings of the analogue/digital and 44k/48k switches on the UA-30 - if you change a switch, the device disconnects & reconnects with the new name. I’d probably have to hack the driver to get rid of the comma, and then it could change back with subsequent releases.

it’s going to be fixed in 2.3.8

When can we expect 2.3.8? in days or weeks?


more likely days

RC12 is released with this bugfix. Could you pleas check this?