Cannot play M4P files

When I import an iTunes playlist it works fine until I get to a track I have recently purchased from iTunes. It seems trying to play M4P files screws things up.

Is there any way to play my M4P files?



no there is not.
M4p files are DRM ecrypted files which are not allowed to be decrypted, so almost no Ultramixer effect would be available when playing them back, so we decided to leave them out. Since today you can purchase unencrypted files easily (even from itunes-store) this might not be a big issue.

Well it is a big issue for 2 reasons.

First, the application doesent react logically when it encounters an M4P file. I couldnt work out what it was trying to do but it kept bouncing from one track on one side, to the other. The only way I could stop it was to remove the playlists and start again. I think there should be a much more logical approach. (i.e. automatically remove the M4P file from the playlist?..or perhaps warn you before you start playing that nnnn track is an M4P, and cannot be played…oh, I could go on)

Secondly, you might be able to buy unencrypted music now, but what about all the encrypted music I have already bought?

What I cant understand is that DiscoXT (for example) can play M4P files ok, so I cant see why this app cant.

  1. ok a more appropriate message is a good idea. Normally you cannot load those files. With itunes integration it does it automatically. We’ll fix this usability issue.

  2. well, as I said we could play them back (by using itunes internally) , but without any mixing abilities like other as well. Since this doesn’t make sense, we just left it.