Cannot download new RC

Hi Guys,

Hope you are doing well.

I have noticed that there is a new RC. When press on the download button, it opens in new tab of internet explorer and after a while it say cannot reach page.

Is there maybe a problem with the link. I have switch over to Windows 10 and would like to try the new RC.

Please advise or can you please direct me to a new link where I can download it, will really appreciate

it was just a short term unavailability. RC19 is now downloadable.

Hi Matthias,

Hope you are doing well.

I have once again tried to download RC19, but still cannot download it.

Please help, will appreciate.

Hey Nic,

welll RC19 is downloadable here:
I just tried it in english and it worked. Do you get an error message form your browser?
Maybe you could try another browser?