Cannot download English user guide

The link for downloading the English user guide on the community page does not work. I clicked on it and the download does not start.

I am trying to learn how to use ultramixer.
I really appreciate you help.

Well, after testing it at this moment, I have to say the link is working fine - if you click at it a black popup-window opens at your mouse position.
But the point is, that the link at the community site of this webpage is only for registrated users, which name a basic-, a professional- or a home-version of UM their own.
If your profile is correctly filled, you are using the demo-version of UM, aren’t you? And so you have to buy the user-manual for UM (therefor have a look at the bottom of this page: … ultramixer ).


I am using the free version, not the demo for professional version.

Is there anywhere else I can learn about how to use the software? It might be a great software, but not until I know how to use it.

I am trying to mix two tracks but do not know how to save the output on the free version.

Hi, at the moment there’s no option to save the output with ultramixer itself; for this you have to use an external program like “audacity” or something like this and then choose “what you can hear-mix” or a similar option.
The master recording will be integrated in the coming up ultramixer-version v2.5.

To learn about other things with UM, just look up the forum here - there are maybe some tricky and helpful things to read about. Otherwise, if you speak some german, you can also visit the in-offical ultramixer-forum at .

Kind regards.

Thanks a lot!