Button for tapping beat...

course i noticed, sometimes it just won’t calculate bpm right (not high OR low bpm range)…


Hi djmoose,

thank you for you feature request.
Well, we are currently working on a brand new beat detection algorithm that works in advance (like Replay-Gain Calculation) and it will be much more precise. Actually, it might be still a good idea to have a tapping button. I’ll discuss it here internally :slight_smile:


Any progress with that tap-button…?

Hello djmoose,

unfortunately not. Did you try the precalculation (right click on the song - Calc BPM). I am quite sure this is sufficient for most cases.


Yep… Breakbeat, R’n’B, HipHop, Rap and so on are verry difficult to that beat alcorith, well i think they are difficult to all beat detect alcorithms…!
So that’s why my memory will help to determine about beats… :wink:
But maybe in future we get tap-button.

Hello djmosse,

sure you are right these music genres are quite difficult for any Beat detection algorithm. Actually, I think we found a very exact solution for almost any music style. Have you ever tried to use our offline calculation with any of your favourite Breakbeat songs? I am quite sure it’s highly precise.
Neverthless, it’s always a good idea to have a manual tapping. 2008 is a long time :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!