Bug with detection of sound device


I think I found a bug. It doesn’t crash UM, but it makes it useless because it cannot play music anymore.

After installation, everything works fine. After quiting and restarting, a get a message that the music can not be loaded. Looking around reveals that the sound devices in the settings, which read /dev/dsp0 after installation, now mentions something garbled (strange characters). This garbled device is of course not existing, so no sound can be made.

Hope you can fix this, otherwise i will have to install UM everytime I want to use it. (re-installation solves the issue for 1 run)



Hi luksedj,

thanks for reporting this issue. Which linux system do you use? Ubuntu?

Gentoo linux… sorry i missed to mention it!


same here under Arch Linux and KDE 3.5.5, Sound System is ALSA with OSS-compatibility layer installed. I Tested both versions with and without java embedded without success. Works fine under SuSE 10.1 with same settings in KDE control Manger. I have a PIII 1 GHz Laptop here which should be my working machine, running Arch Linux to get the best possible performance. I Did all the testing on two other machines and everythings looks fine even on my 64Bit-SMP-machine but now I’m stuck with no sound? :cry:

Has this bug been adressed or even tracked?


Hello again :smiley:

Edit: Changing the KDE-Settings to OSS as Sound systems cures this. Either the ALSA-OSS-compatibility layer is not correctly working in this distro or it’s me not really understanding what this compatibility layer really means…

Now I can build a file archive for my 9000 songs.Let’s see if UM swallows this number of files.