Better sorting in the File Archive

Is there a way when you click the Column headings in the File Archive that you can have it sub-sort by track or another column? For example, if I sort by Album, I want to see that album listed in order by track. This is how it works in iTunes, Winamp, etc.

Unfortunatly it’s not supported at the moment. But it’s very useful, so we have added this feature to out to-do-list for the next versions.


Thanks, that is great! Could you give me a rough idea of when that next version (with the sorting) would be released? Our college radio station wants to buy a copy but the IT staff is balking until the sorting is improved…

Currently we have no concrete target date for this feature. Maybe we will integrate the feature in the first half of 2008.

Any update on this feature? Like I said before, our radio station is ready to buy a copy, but this is the one feature we really need.

Any word on when this will be implemented?

Also, what happened to the feature of being able to see all the files in the file archive at once (in the right pane) and not just have to browse the artist sub-directories in the left pane?

We will implement the “all files” feature in the next version of UltraMixer. The sort feature is also on our to-do-list for UM 2.3.6