Beta-Tester: my conclusions so far

Hello team!

My name is Alex, im 26 years old and im from Romania. I found Ultramixer after some search on the Internet. I need a DJ-Mixing software that works fine under Linux (Lindows, to be more specific). I`m testing Ultramixer on a Duron processor, 900 Mhz, 512 DDRAM, Windows XP, SP2 OS.

My first conclusions were:

1: Ultramixer doesnt display the BPM correctly. Im testing it mixing two tracks (The Rumbar - El Timbal / Bob Sinclair - Shining From Heaven). These are both club tracks, so the BPM should be around 128 - 130. Ultramixer displays 116.9 and 59.7 BPM on the two tracks.

2: Java support and Ultramixer take, both, about 80 MB of RAM, 4 times more then other mixing software i`ve been using (Traktor DJ 2.1, DSS, BPM, Virtual DJ, Atomix). A mixing software should take less RAM and CPU, in order to work in real time on most computers.

3: When the crossfader is set on one of the decks, the song on the other deck can be heard, unless you turn down the volume on that deck. The crossfader should cut the sound on the deck which i`m not using. Otherwise, the crossfader is useless, since i can use the volume bars.

4: I, personally, dont agree with the Auto DJ and Fade/Fading presets options. If someone wants to do some real mixing, he should do that without these auto functions. Instead, Ultramixer should have an auto beat matching (BPM auto matching, that, of course, when the BPM counting will work as it should, at real parameters). This option will be helpful for the ones who dont use two souncards. They, automatically, can`t use the “Monitor” option.

5: Pitch, Pitch Bend, Equalizer, Cue, Search options work really well. Congrats for them! :slight_smile:

In conclusion: Less RAM & CPU consuming, Auto BPM match, NO auto fade / auto mix… and the software will be great. I hope to see an answer from you soon - a new version to test would be great, if those told above would be resolved. I`ll continue posting here, if I will find other interesting things to say about Ultramixer:)

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your optinion!

  1. You’re right - the bpm counter show sometimes only the half of the real bpm value. We have optimized the bpm counter in UltraMixer 2.0.6beta.

  2. Because of some caching optimizations we need such memory, but we think it’s no problem because on the most systems at least 256MB (default: 512MB) is installed.

  3. The Crossfader bug is resolved in UM 2.0.6b. For the moment, you can correct the crossfader (95%) bug by pressing “Apply Skin” in menu => preferences => skinning on the default skin (A)

  4. We have changed the “FADE”-function to “NEXT”. So when you press NEXT in UM 2.0.6beta the next song will be loaded and the crossfader changes to this player. The AUTO-DJ is very usefull for user who don’t want to mix manually, e.g. on a “small-talk-party” or when you hear music while surfing in the internet (in AUTO-MIX and Tray or Mini mode)

  1. Thanks. Hope you have found the oppurtunity to load and save cue points…right mouse click on CUE button :wink: We are going to optimize this in one of the future releases. Furthermore, in the next weeks we’ll release the first version of “Ultramixer 2 Advanced” which contains a loop function and live effects!

  2. Beatmatching is on our to-do-list :slight_smile: