Best way to install ultramixer on ubuntu 7.4

Hi all, i’ve just downloaded the linux version of ultramixer and want to re-install it again, i’ve read the topic on installing on ubuntu, but when i goto install it, it install’s in my home directory and put’s a folder in the start menu as ultramixer with the program & the uninstall icon, i’ve tried moving the ultramixer icon to sound & vision like i would like it and disabled the program folder in edit menu, but it doesnt disapper :frowning: so on me second install of ultramixer i went sudo first, and it installs in /opt/ultramixer like i like but no start menu entry’s :frowning: when i tick add start menu entries in the install, how do you install as root but put the ultramixer program shortcut in the sound & vision menu without having to do it manually as my username, thx hope this make sense (just dont like me home directory being messed up and start menu)

Hi dj-toonz1975,

just install UltraMixer as root to /opt/UltraMixer and create the links to the startup script by yourself.
In case you are doing sudo the installer should create the shortcuts for the root user :wink: Actually, when “sudo”-ing you are working as root user and so the installer doesn’t know which user is actually to be used.