Behringer BCD 2000

I want to test your application with BCD 2000 controller, but there isn’t any midi support at the moment to this controller.
Midi learn feature doesn’t work yet, so it’s not possible to use this solution.

When do you think midi learn will be available?

Dj Gas


The next version of UltraMixer 2.0.9 will support the Behringer BCD2000 controller!

The midi learn feature will be available in one version after the official release within the next weeks.

BCD2000 & Linux…

is it possible?

Hi quadrispro,

unfortunately, Beringher doesn’t support Linux at the moment. Hopefully there are some Linux people that develop a MIDI driver for this nice DJ Controller.


What’s the progress here?

Can we use UltraMixer + BCD2000 on GNU/Linux platforms?

I don’t think so. Behringer isn’t able to deliver linux drivers. I am quite sure the audio device will work with standard ALSA drivers but the MIDI part of the BCD2000 won’t do anything.