Auto Gain

Would be nice to have an analyzer that records the peak levels of each added song.

That way you could have it Automatically change pre-gain before the next song even starts.

Not sure how much work this would be, but it would definately be a real asset for the program.

Hi PeaceKeeper,

since 2.0.5 UltraMixer supports ReplayGain. Please do a right click in your FileArchive on the particular File and click “Normalize (Replay Gain)”. After that anytime you load the file into a player the Gain is automatically adjusted. If you run a whole calculation over your song database all file will be equally loud :wink:
I am sure you’ll probably like it. I do :wink:
Btw, UltraMixer supports precalculated Replay-gains from other Replay-Gain conform software systems.