Artist Info Display ("blurb")

Would it be possible to show the Artist Info Display (“blurb”) in the video widget for the total duration of the song (and be updated for the next song etc.) ?
Eventually with a ‘check box’ under ‘preferences’ to turn this feature on/off.

It would be a great feature, now people have only a few seconds to check for Artist/title on my videowall.
Since I play 8 hours of music per day in my music club, I get (way too) many requests to answer those questions myself, time after time :slight_smile:

Hi Frank, Thanks for your feedback. I forwarded your feature request directly to the developers. We keep you up to date. 8)

Hi ultramixer_thomas, I noticed this feature has been applied in Ultramixer 6.x. Thank you so much, this is what I have been searching for for years. Unfortunately 60 seconds is still a little bit too short for the title display. 3 Minutes would do, but preferrably a display for the total duration of the playing song would be ideal. In the meantime I have purchased version 6 of Ultramixer. A great piece of software nonetheless ! Hopefully this adjustement wil appear in a future version. A big thanx in advance. Ultramixer rocks ! :slight_smile:

Hi Frank, I will forward your suggestion again. I think it should not be a problem. :wink: