.aif files / clean decks

UtraMixer 2.0.13
Congratulation for this program. To my knowledge, it is indeed the 2nd PC prog (the other one being BPM studio), and the 1st and only Mac Prog with a global playlist [b:b76ea]+ 1 playlist under each deck[/b:b76ea], an essential feature for me. I tested briefly UM on my G4 1,3 Ghz.
2 inconveniences sofar:

  • .aif files are not recognized within a folder (.aiff are): would it be possible to add the .aif extension?
  • I could not trace any mean to clean the decks: even deleting all songs in deck’s respective playlists + library, the last song played remains in both decks.

Hi ptrupert,

thank you for your comments. We 've just added aif support: http://www.ultramixer.com/index.php?c=dmhpc3Rvcnk=

The clean behavior is by design some kind of a security feature. That means we are and were aware about not cleaning fully in case of the last song. We decided to let it loaded so there can’t be silences by mistake on an event. Is there any reason why you want to clean it fully (including the last two songs from the decks)?


Thanks for your prompt reply. The reason for willing to clean decks is for starting new session from zero without having to relauch the program.

Hello ptrubert,

i am not quite sure I understood your inquiry fully.
A complete relaunch of a session can also be achieved by just loading new songs into the decks. Probably, I am missing some use case. Do I?



Hi ptrubert,

your welcome. Actually, if you still find a use case where it’s useful, please let us know.