Access artist names from songs ripped by WMP

All my PC music has been ripped using Windows Media Player. Just downloaded UM and it seems great, got the monitoring working and it’s just what I want.

However, one problem, when I grab titles from the My Music folder (as ripped by Windows Media Player) I get no artist names, instead, the column that should be artist name contains the track number (from the album) and the song title, making it impossible to search for songs by a given artist. Also, the title of the song also contains the track number from the original album e.g. “10 Let it be”

Is there any way around this without having to edit the artist name on thousands of songs or do I need WMP running too to do the searching then locate the track using UM?


Is this problem still present in the current UltraMixer 2.4?

Yes, this seems to be okay now. However, haven’t had any success in grabbing tracks directly from CD. The only way I can get it to work is to rip in WMP then add the files in Ultramixer.

One other point re this version, the synbol under the clock (like a sun rotating) that looks like it means “busy” is constantly displayed and the app is using 60-75% ofl the processor power.