UltraMixer 2.0 for Linux don't function on Linux64 ;\


Is a native version for Linux 64bits envisaged ? or not ?

The problem is that on Linux64, UltraMixer is installed and is executed correctly, but as soon as one click on the interface of the software all is solidified and it is impréativement necessary to kill the Java process used on the system to leave the program?

The major one of the Linux users having a configuration necessary for UltraMixer also have a AMD64 with the distribution which goes with?

I cross the fingers while waiting for your answer?cordially Freenux

Oops ! the real bug is when i press talkover button , java crashed…
[i:0ae1f](scuse my english i’m french)[/i:0ae1f]

UltraMixer is running on Linux64 (x86_64) !
We do actually develop on amd64 under linux.
The crash is a known issue. Please read the previous post (it’s reported approx. 10 times) here in this forum.