Sound Quality Issues


Not sure if anyone can help with this. I do the occasional DJ/Karaoke party for friends and relatives and have been using iTunes to play music from my laptop through a PA system, which is not the most ideal set up. I’ve tried out several DJ type programs and am currently testing the free version of UltraMixer which I must say I prefer over any of the others as I find the interface much more intuitive.

The problem is though that for some reason whenever I use any program apart from iTunes through my PA the sound quality deteriotes quite noticeably…mostly the sound seems tinnier and a little distorted. I’m using tracks imported direct from iTunes and I don’t make any changes apart from switching to UltraMixer.

Is there anything I can do to improve the sound through UltraMixer as I really want to use it and upgrade to the Basic or Pro version.



There are a lot of variables. Do you run the sound out from iTunes through the same connections as Ultramixer? I use a Griffin iMic and run Ultramixer out through that to an external mixer. IT sounds the same as iTunes.

There are some EQ knobs on Ultramixer. Make sure you try those.