Registered User Seeks Help Downloading User Manual

I am a registered user of UM and have sought a location to register as a registered user so that I can download the user guide. I am unable to find that and the Download button for the User Guide show a ‘void’ script.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



PS: I am using Mac OSX 10.5 and the most recent version of Firefox and Safari. In all cases clicking on the Download User Guide button causes NO action. No “Register Now” button nor anything else.

You can always use the download in the community section:

Actually, there are links to another location in your order email from shareit as well.

Thank you. I was able to rescan my email and find the link.

Just so you know, you DO HAVE A PROBLEM with the link that is in the Community section of your site that you should address.



Thanks for reporting this issue. We have fixed it - the download is possible now.

I am glad that you fixed this so quickly. Nicely done.